Detailers Pad / Tyre Applicator 5-Pack


Fireball Tyre Applicator

The Fireball Detailers Pad (Tyre Applicator) is the perfectly designed foam applicator for the application of tyre coatings and protectants. Fireball Detailers Pads are ergonomically designed for excellent grip and control when applying tyre protectants and the firm foam evenly spreads product into the tyre surface. The special curvature of the pad contours to tyres and allows you to get even the lip that runs between the tyre and wheel with ease.

We highly recommend the Fireball Detailers Pad to apply Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax to your vehicle. These come in a 5-pack and are also available individually.

Size: 7cm x 7cm (5-Pack)

Available Sizes

  • 7cm x 7cm (5-Pack)

Product Instructions

  • Apply a small amount of dressing to the rounded part of the applicator and evenly spread the product onto the tyre.