Twist Drying Towel


Fireball Twist Drying Towel

The Fireball Twist Drying Towel is a super soft and absorbent towel designed to make the drying process quick, easy and scratch free. Twist Drying Towels are made of super soft 620GSM microfibre material. The heavyweight material absorbs easily and will happily dry a whole car with ease.

Comes in a single, 2 pack, 5 pack or 10 pack!

Twist Drying Towels are sewed carefully and using special techniques to ensure maximum durability and long lasting quality. Twist Drying Towels last years, not months - and are truly one of the highest quality drying towels on the market.

The Fireball Twist Dry Towel is now available in two sizes; a 70x90 and a 70x200!

Size: 70cm x 90cm or 70cm x 200cm

Available Sizes

  • 70cm x 200cm

  • 70cm x 90cm

Product Instructions

  • Care Instructions
    Wash before use to ensure colour fastness. To maintain microfibre always wash on a cold cycle or at temperatures below 40 degrees. Never use powdered detergents and never use fabric softeners or bleach.

    Use to dry your vehicle with ease. You should not need to use any pressure; the super absorbent fibres will pick up water as you glide the towel across the surface.