Fireball are one of the largest manufacturers of specialist car detailing products in the world. Since beginning in Korea in 2002 – Fireball now exports products to more than 11 countries across the globe; including Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Pakistan, United States, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway and Brazil. Fireballs heavy investment in their research and development has led to a new factory being built in 2019 in Busan, South Korea – and Fireball Korea are working hard to develop the absolute best car detailing solutions in the industry. One of the unique benefits of Fireball (apart from the amazing results of their products) is the eco-friendly side of the formulas.

Fireball are in a unique position where they offer both hobbyist grade maintenance and protection products alongside the world’s best hard Ceramic Coatings. Their investment in technology and R&D allow the two products to work side by side and produce the best possible result on your vehicles and investments.

Fireball has been in the New Zealand market since 2015 with the head distribution and training being held by United Car Care Ltd since 2018. New Zealand presents a unique challenge to bring products which both outperform the competition in result and eco-friendly status – and we’re very glad to be achieving both grounds with Fireball.

Fireball New Zealand has been grown consistently in both the hobbyist and professional space. Our Professional Ceramic Coatings are on offer only to Authorised Detailing Studios who have undergone rigorous training through a programme upheld by United Car Care. We do not buy in to ‘sign form’ coating products which do not force training – in fact, we do the complete opposite and will only authorise installers who can pass quality control and application tests – even if that means travelling to the far reaches of the country. This way we can be sure that Fireball Ceramic Coatings will last and will give you years of trouble-free maintenance and be confident in our ability to pass on a warranty to the consumer.

We have grand plans for Fireball in New Zealand and are excited to be delivering a quality of product not seen in this country. Seeing the results our customers achieve and hearing the stories of how our products have changed people’s perspectives on detailing keep us pushing and striving to achieve greatness.


In New Zealand


Car Care

United Car Care Ltd is the authorised distributor and trainer for Fireball in New Zealand. United Car Care are a small kiwi team founded by car enthusiasts who have pursued the best-detailing products in the world – bringing them to our shores here in New Zealand.

United Car Care was built originally as a hobby in conjunction with NZ renowned detailing business Obsessive Car Detailing. Built with a passion with the aim to enhance the detailing industry and improve the product offering available in both the hobbyist and professional space. 

We are car enthusiasts, detailing enthusiasts and dedicated to the cause. You will not find better detailing products or expert support in the detailing industry in New Zealand. Guaranteed.