Ultimate Coating Wax


Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax can be used as stand alone protection or as a top-up for a ceramic coated vehicle. Ultimate Coating Wax contains over 5% SiO2; which is the same base as hard ceramic coatings. Ultimate Coating Wax has enough lubrication to be used on lightly dusty vehicles too as a final wipe down product; increasing shine and adding a slick, hydrophobic top layer.

Ultimate Coating Wax is best used after the wash process. Simply wash and dry your ceramic coated (or non ceramic coated) vehicle and finish off the process with an application of Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax. Ultimate Coating Wax will add life to your ceramic or nano coating. The formula goes a long way. On average you only need one mist per panel - and one bottle should do 30+ cars with a durability of up to 6 weeks.

Available Sizes

  • 500ml

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Coating Wax needs to be thoroughly shaken before use. Remember that you should get 30+ cars out of one bottle. A little goes a long way. Always start with a clean surface to get the best results. Avoid applying to a hot surface or in the sun.

    Spray a light mist of Ultimate Coating Wax onto a clean surface. We recommend working one panel at a time. Using a microfibre towel spread the product across the surface of the panel (but do not buff it away). Wait for up to 60 seconds before buffing away any excess product with a second, seperate microfibre towel. Repeat until all panels are finished. Full curing takes 2 hours so it is advisable to not let a freshly coated vehicle touch water for at least that amount of time.