Ultimate Fusion Wax


Fireball Ultimate Fusion Wax is a high quality hybrid show wax designed to exhibit extreme gloss and hydrophobic properties. Ultimate Fusion Wax is made with a combination of Brazilian Carnauba and SiO2 Silica - the same active component in Fireball Ceramic Coatings. With this innovative product you can expect the same water repellency (hydrophobics) and dirt repellency (self-cleaning) that you would on a true Ceramic Coating.

Ultimate Fusion Wax is a paste wax and so helps to hide imperfections and leave an extremely high gloss, deep surface. Ultimate Fusion Wax lasts for up to 3 months - and a very small amount is required to cover your vehicle. You can expect to get over 20 applications out of one tub. This is truly one of the best waxes on the market today.

Kit Includes Ultimate Fusion Wax (100g), 2x Black Applicators, 2x Mini Spoons + Cloth Bag

Available Sizes

  • 100g

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Fusion Wax should be applied to a perfectly clean and dry surface. Fusion Wax is suitable to be applied to painted surfaces or any high gloss trims. We recommend keeping Fusion Wax away from raw plastics and rubbers. Start by ensuring you apply Fusion Wax in a cool environment - out of direct sunlight; and follow the instructions below.

    Apply a very thin layer to the surface of your vehicle using a foam applicator; and working in circular motions for even coverage. Do not use too much product; a little goes a long way. You will see Ultimate Fusion Wax starting to dry to a haze and we recommend buffing off excess product between 10-15 minutes after initial application with a soft, plush microfibre towel (Such as the Fireball Jet Towel). For even deeper clarity you can apply a secondary layer. We recommend avoiding water contact for at least 3-4 hours after initial application.

    If you have left the product on for too long and are experiencing any difficulty in removing the excess; use a quick detailer spray to mist the panels - this will aid in the wipe off process.