Ultimate Nano Coat


Fireball Ultimate Nano Coat is the perfect entry into the world of ceramic coatings. Designed as an easy to use DIY ceramic coating; Ultimate Nano Coat provides 3 months or more of protection with one application. Ultimate Nano Coat contains SiO2 - the same base as all hard ceramic coatings; and this gives Ultimate Nano Coat a level of hardness on your vehicles surfaces too.

Ultimate Nano Coat leaves a super-hydrophobic top layer on your vehicle paintwork, wheels and plastics. This super-hydrophobic layer adds a huge level of gloss and depth; and even acts to darken black cars and restore and darken plastic trims too.

Ultimate Nano Coat should be treated just like a ceramic coating. We recommend a thorough preparation of the surface using Fireball Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner and taking plenty of time to carefully apply nano coat using a suede or foam applicator block. A little goes a long way too - on average you can get 10 or more cars out of one bottle!

Available Sizes

  • 250ml

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Nano Coat should be applied with care and we recommend following both preparation instructions and application instructions below to get the best result. Ensure your vehicle is clean and dry - and is in a shaded area out of sunlight. Ideally you will need Ultimate Nano Coat, Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner + 2 or more Microfibre Cloths.

    Start by thoroughly washing your vehicle first using a wax & sealant free car shampoo. During the wash process we recommend degreasing the surface with Fireball Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner. Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner removes any traces of existing waxes, sealants and polishes - allowing Ultimate Nano Coat to bond to the paintwork. After degreasing then dry your vehicle and move it into the shade.

    Shake Ultimate Nano Coat thoroughly before use (for at least 10-20 seconds). Using the provided 'witches cap' apply a small line of product to either a Fireball Applicator or Fireball Suede Cloth. Spread the product thoroughly across the surface; working one panel at a time. If you feel as though the product is 'tacking' on application use a bit more. If you feel as though it's hard to remove, use less. After applying one section wait for up to 1 minute before buffing off excess product with a clean microfibre towel. Repeat on all panels until complete. We recommend giving the entire vehicle one final buff with a clean microfibre after application to remove any high spots.

    The microfibres you use are likely to harden. To stop this from happening immediately wash in warm water and check thoroughly after before deciding to use those microfibres on any other surface. Ultimate Nano Coat takes 24 hours to cure; so any freshly coated vehicle should not come in contact with any water for at least that amount of time.