Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam


Fireball Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is the easiest coating you can apply to your vehicle. Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam contains SiO2 (the same base as hard ceramic coatings) and leaves behind a slick, hydrophobic layer of protection to every surface it touches. Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is a bit of a cheat in the detailing world - it really shouldn't be this easy! Simply foam on the vehicle, rinse away and you'll be left with a high shine surface carrying up to 6 weeks of protection. Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is perfect as a stand alone protectant or top-up to a ceramic coating.

Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is recommended as a post-wash sealant instead of a 'pre-wash foam'. After performing a thorough wash down of your vehicle apply the Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam using a good quality foam lance and then after 30 seconds simply rinse off the foam and you'll be in awe at the results. Safe for paintwork, glass, wheels, plastics, rubbers and everything else on the exterior of your vehicle thanks to the pH neutral formula. Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is highly concentrated with a dilution ratio of 1:15 - 1:20; equating to around 50 - 65ml per 1L foam lance.

Available Sizes

  • 1000ml

  • 4000ml

Product Instructions

  • You should use Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam through a good quality foam lance after washing down your vehicle. Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is pH neutral and safe for all surfaces of your vehicle.

    Apply Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam to a cool surface in a shaded area. Do not apply to a hot car. Always apply to a wet surface to ensure the product can create even coverage and not dry upon contact.

    Foam Lance
    Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam should be diluted with a ratio of 1:15 to 1:20. This equates to 50 - 65ml of Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam to a 1L foam lance.Any quality foam lance will product a thick foam with this dilution. For basic non-adjustable foam lances or hose foam lances you may need to use a bit more product. Allow the product to dwell on your vehicle for up to 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly. If you see the product drying up rinse it off immediately.