Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax - Red (Satin)


Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax provides a great finish and coating for tyres that repels dirt and water for a long-lasting shine. Being an SiO2 based tyre-protectant; Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax doesn't just enhance tyres but bonds to the rubber offering longer lasting protection than the competitors. The SiO2 helps to repel dirt effectively and has intensive hydrophobic properties; while stopping UV degradation and tyre fading.

Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax is available in two options; blue (gloss) and red (satin). Both have the same durability and application characteristics with a difference overall finish. Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax is rated to last for 4 or more washes. All 500ml Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax bottles include a Fireball Tyre Applicator free of charge.

Available Sizes

  • 500ml

  • 4000ml

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax is super easy to apply. We recommend firstly cleaning down your entire vehicle and drying it off. Use a dedicated all purpose cleaner to scrub the tyres clean prior to application. The cleaner you can get your tyre; the longer Ultimate Tyre Coating Wax will last.

    Using a Fireball Tyre Applicator apply a small amount of liquid first onto the applicator and then around the tyre. Use enough product that you can achieve a consistent shine but not too much (or you could experience 'sling'). Wipe any excess product off the wheel and enjoy! We recommend waiting for 15 minutes prior to driving the vehicle - this allows the product to cure as best as possible.