Wax Off



Fireball Wax Off

Fireball Wax Off is an optical grade aluminium oxide abrasive solution that will strip waxes, sealants and oils remaining on a surface prior to applying a top layer sealant or coating. You can use Fireball Wax Off on both paintwork and glass.

Wax Off is unlike most other paint preparation products and is applied wet in the wash stage; generally after polishing or on new cars prior to applying protection. Start with a perfectly clean car; wet the surface thorough - any apply Wax Off using a soft microfibre applicator block onto a damp surface; rinsing off (see instructions tab for more info).

QTY: 500ml Bottle, 4000ml Trade Tub

Available Sizes

  • 500ml

  • 4000ml

Product Instructions

  • Start in a cool area with no sunlight - and shake the product thoroughly before use.

    First clean your car thorough with car shampoo and leave the car wet before moving on to the Wax Off step. Spray a moderate amount of pre-shaken Wax Off onto a microfibre applicator block and apply to the wet surface and spread using light pressure.

    Work only one section at a time and rinse off thoroughly with high pressure water. After applying to the whole car perform a final shampoo step with a wax-free shampoo; and rinse very thoroughly to ensure no product remains.

    We recommend wearing gloves to protect the skin.