Ultimate Car Shampoo


Fireball Ultimate Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated car shampoo designed to safely wash vehicles that have existing coatings or wax/sealant protection. Ultimate Car Shampoo effectively cleans the surface of your vehicle without the need for strong detergents and is the latest in car shampoo technology.

Ultimate Car Shampoo creates a luscious foam that gently removes grime from all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Ultimate Car Shampoo is pH neutral and environmentally friendly. The highly concentrated formula has a dilution ratio of 1:1000 - 1:1500 which equates to around 6.5 - 10ml per 10L bucket.

Available Sizes

  • 500ml

  • 4000ml

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Car Shampoo should be diluted into a bucket and used with a quality two-bucket method wash; and combined with a quality wash mitt or wash pad. Always rinse Premium Car Shampoo thoroughly from the vehicle surface before it has a chance to dry. We recommend keeping to a small area and rinsing often.

    Bucket Wash
    Start by diluting Ultimate Car Shampoo in your bucket with a ratio of 1:1000 - 1:1500; which equates to 6.5ml - 10ml per 10L bucket. Use a good quality mitt and wash the car down; rinsing after every few panels. Dry thoroughly after all solution has been rinsed off.