Ultimate Iron Burn


Fireball Ultimate Iron Burn is an effective wheel cleaner and liquid decontamination product used to liquefy the iron filings present on all vehicle surfaces. Ultimate Iron Burn is a simple spray on, rinse off solution which has a strong purple reaction when in contact with iron particles. Iron particles are present in all brake dust - and so this makes Ultimate Iron Burn an extremely effective wheel cleaner. Iron particles can also be present in industrial areas, near railroads and often found on brand new cars from the transportation process.

Ultimate Iron Burn is pH neutral and safe for all painted (and non painted) surfaces. All you need is a light mist across your paintwork or wheels to see a strong reaction beginning. Unlike many other iron removers on the market; Ultimate Iron Burn does not have an excessively strong scent. Ultimate Iron Burn has been formulated to work on a variety of surfaces including paintwork, glass, metalwork and plastics.

Available Sizes

  • 1000ml

  • 4000ml

Product Instructions

  • Ultimate Iron Burn is pH neutral and safe for almost all surfaces but we recommend not applying to a hot surface or in direct sunlight when possible. You can use Ultimate Iron Burn as a wheel cleaner or iron fallout remover.

    Wheel Cleaner
    Start off by ensuring your wheels are cool to touch and not in direct sunlight. Spray a mist of Ultimate Iron Burn onto the dirty wheel surface - ensuring even coverage. The product will have a purple 'bleeding' reaction and wait for up to 5 minutes for this reaction to have full effect. We recommend lightly agitating the surface with a safe wheel brush or microfibre mitt before rinsing the product thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

    Iron Fallout
    Start with a clean surface and liberally spray Ultimate Iron Burn onto fallout affected vehicle surfaces. You will see a strong purple reaction begin - and from this simply wait for up to 5 minutes for the reaction to have full effect. You can spread the product with a wet microfibre as required and then rinse off thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.